11 Surprising New Facts About Your Personality

Posted on February 23, 2017

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1. People can actually detect differences in personality through sniffing out a used t-shirt. This is done in addition to watching a short clip about the owner of the shirt. Yet not all personalities are equally identifiable. The three easiest ones are extroversion, dominance and neuroticism.

2. You know that one person in your life who is always lending a hand to another person? Well, chances are that he or she has a more active sex life compared to the average person. Those that are rated higher in altruism have more sexual partners and more frequent sex. Why? Professor Steven Arnocky believes that people are attracted to helpful individuals because they of their desirable qualities.

3. First impressions are very important--and they happen within seconds. People can actually read personalities with just one glance! Interestingly, women who have wide eyes and large lips and men with small eyes, large noses and a square jaw are telling the world that they prefer short-term relationships.

4. Narcissists like bitter foods, a taste preference that is actually linked to psychopathy and sadism. On the other hand, researchers find that those who don't like bitter tastes tend to be more agreeable!

5. You might think of an elderly male or female as an irritable and grumpy old person. It's a common stereotype. However, research says otherwise. Apparently, the older you get, the nicer you are--even if it is just a little. It is thought that more life experiences and accumulated knowledge will increase a person's conscientiousness and agreeableness while decreasing neurotic levels.

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Source material from PsyBlog

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