Is Trump Driving Recruits to ISIS?

Posted on February 1, 2017

Photo: flickr

Civilians and political leaders alike are in strong opposition against President Trump's executive order that bans seven predominantely Muslim countries in the Middle East. This includes those with visas and green-cards. Two Republican leaders, John McCain of Arizona and Lindsay Graham of South Carolina, have also expressed their concerns about the order, stating that as America sends the signal that Muslims are not welcomed to the country, it might serve as a reason to help recruit more members to ISIS.

The real power of terrorism does not lie with the spread of fear, but the growth of hate and retaliation. Polarization is key. Social psychology has done numerous research on the concept of in-groups and out-groups ("you" vs. "me"). Such thinking leads a group to believe that they are unwelcomed and undeserving compared to other groups, which fuels hatred and retaliation. It drives out basic compassion and humanity as both sides gear up to defend themselves. If one group believes that they are alienated and hated, in return, they will backlash against other communities.

Promoting a ban on predominantly Muslim countries, which includes refugees and legal green-card/visa holders, gives terrorist organizations a perfect reason to keep up their guard and retaliate.

Source material from Scientific American

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