How Diversity Makes Us Smarter

Posted on January 31, 2017

Photo: flickr

Although one might believe that differences in thinking and behavior can lead to conflict, these differences can actually bring in new ideas or information that allows for better preparation and anticipation of alternative perspectives. In addition, acknowledging such differences can enhance diligence and hard work as one accepts that effort is needed to come to a consensus.

A diverse group of people are also more likely to become more creative and better at problem solving in comparison to a homogeneous group. Diversity can help change the way you view a situation to a new perspective. This allows groups to approach challenges with more resources, which increases the chances of success. Having more perspectives also invokes new thoughts and ideas by thinking outside the box.

Overall, the benefits of having a diverse group are extremely advantageous. Being surrounded by people from different cultures can help one improve on their own skills as well as encourage a more accepting and open mind.

Source material from Scientific American

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