Keeping the Fire burning: Sex Over Time

Posted on September 3, 2016

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According to the research, one factor affecting sexual satisfaction over time is the partners' relationship orientation - how each of them views their interactions. Research has focused on two approaches in this context: exchange orientation and communal strength orientation.

Exchange-oriented people tend to think of the relationship as a 'what’s in it for me?' quid pro quo. They focus on the trade-off aspects of being together, and look to give as much (or as little) as they expect to get. In contrast, people high on communal strength orientation tend to focus on the needs of others. Importantly, they do this out of love and a desire to improve the relationship, not out of obligation or fear.

People with a sexual communal-strength orientation are more likely to maintain the initial sexual enthusiasm throughout a long relationship, mainly because they are attuned to the needs of their partner and find real satisfaction in meeting those needs. If your partner considers your orgasm no less important than their own, then your sex life will be better, now and in the future.

Another ingredient in the recipe for maintaining sexual satisfaction over time is physical health. Good sex may happen, as they say, chiefly between the ears; but it also happens between the legs. Good blood flow (a function of physical health) is no less important for good sex than good communication, because good blood flow is what makes sexual function possible, in both men and women.

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Source material from Psychology Today