Holding Hands in Body Language

Posted on June 11, 2016

Personal space
When we attempt to hold someone’s hand, we invade their personal space. Personal space is an important concept to understand. You can think of it as your personal air bubble that can expend and contract depending on circumstances. Your personal zone expectations are much lower on a crowded subway train than, let’s say, at a cocktail party. Generally, most people tend to treat the distance closer than 18 inches (46 centimeters) as their own property.

Do they want to be touched?
An easy way to find out whether or not the other person is ready to accept you in their personal space is to move your items closer to that person. In body language you can think of your personal items (e.g, a handbag, cigarettes etc.) like extensions of your body.

What to do when your romantic partner doesn’t want to hold your hand
Holding hands in public is not for everyone. Many people in committed relationship avoid holding hands in public because they feel uncomfortable with public display of affection or feelings whatsoever. This doesn’t mean your spouse doesn’t love you; it only means they are unable to relax and let go of the idea that by displaying their affection towards you they appear weak, vulnerable and, perhaps, immature.

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