Hong Kong's Middle Class Professionals Want to Commit Suicide, Study Shows

Posted on May 3, 2016

A study conducted by the Caritas Centre for Human Empowerment and Achievement on the mental health state of the Hong Kong middle class found out that almost 90 percent of those surveyed said they have thought about suicide "many times."

She said this "mental health crisis" that is happening to the middle class men and women could worsen if not properly addressed.

"Many middle-class people don't want to seek help out of fear of labelling, losing face, their professional image or having their work abilities questioned by employers," she said.

The study was conducted through the internet and phone conversations between May and December last year to screen for mental disorders. It surveyed 688 people and were asked about how they felt about handling stress at work and at home.

It revealed that while almost half of the middle class men and women in Hong Kong believed they were in a healthy mental state, the World Health Organization mental health benchmarks indicated that more than half of the respondents need psychological help.

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