1st Intimate Partner Violence simulation training in U.S.

Posted on March 18, 2016

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Intimate partner violence (IPV), has become a prevalent health care issue. Instances of assault, battery, rape, stalking and emotional abuse in relationships can be difficult for nurses to handle as they often lack the appropriate training to feel confident enough to screen patients for IPV. A new training program developed in the Sinclair School of Nursing at the University of Missouri, provides a powerful tool to better equip nurses in assisting victims of IPV.

"Nearly every nurse will encounter a victim of IPV during his/her career," said Lea Wood, director of simulation and assistant teaching professor of nursing. "Yet, many providers feel uncomfortable when it happens. They worry that they will say the wrong thing and make the situation worse for the patient. So while providers know the importance of screening patients for IPV, the number of screenings actually occurring remains low. "

"Current nurses and heath care providers could easily include a simulation component as part of professional development programs. Simulation also may be an effective tool in training nurses in other difficult areas such as infant death and substance abuse." said Wood.

Category(s):Aggression & Violence, Domestic Violence, Marital Counseling

Source material from University of Missouri-Columbia