How Men View Their Own Depression

Posted on March 1, 2016

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People are generally compassionate and understanding about people with depression or those who are suicidal. But men who are depressed can see themselves as a disappointment and a burden to others.

Overall, a greater proportion of males endorsed stigmatizing views about male depression compared to female respondents. The results come from a survey of 901 men and women in Canada.

Unfortunately the sense of anxiety and fear that surrounds depression can stop people — and men especially — from seeking help.

Professor John Ogrodniczuk, the study’s other co-lead, said, “Social isolation is one of the biggest risk factors for male suicide. By reaching out, even with a simple question like ‘how are you doing?’ or offering to do something together, such as taking in a game, we can help reduce the risk of self-harm.”

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Source material from Community Mental Health Journal

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