8 Changes When You Cut Negativity From Your Life

Posted on February 17, 2016

It’s not only about smiling more; it’s about being your best self in your best life.

1) You'll Be Less Stressed Out - Have you ever been upset and noticed that your negative feelings tend to snowball? There’s the initial reaction and then the stress that follows when you think about it, talk about it and start the draining dwelling process. Instead, try to look for the good in every situation and give yourself the chance to rebuild and reinvent yourself.

2) You'll Be More Attractive - Unhappy people are not charming. No one would want to be around someone who is constantly complaining.

3) You'll Find That Joy Begets Joy - When you're so focused on what makes you unhappy, you forget about the things that make you smile. It is more likely that those who feel good are more apt to be in the moment, which is where opportunities for more joy exist.

4) You'll Be More Successful - Positivity offers a sense of balance and resilience that makes the challenges less overwhelming and more manageable. Happy people definitely feel in control of their days, emotions and time. This changes their actions and reactions to situations.

5) You'll Be More Interesting - Clear out the clutter and you’ll have more space to explore, which will enhance your life and the conversations you have.

6) You'll Have More Meaningful Conversations - When you're stuck in your own ways and continue to seek out unhappiness, you miss out the opportunities of happiness. This also makes you less empathetic and sympathetic to the people around you, making you miss out on amazing meaningful conversations you could have had.

7) You'll Lead The Charge - There is great power in positivity. To be a great leader, you need to not only up the ante, but stay upbeat while doing so.

8) You'll Live A Longer And More Meaningful Life - We all know that happy people live longer so make it your mission to extract the good and you’ll infuse your life with meaning every single day.

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