12 Tips to Prevent A Broken Heart Syndrome

Posted on February 13, 2016

Here are 12 tips to prevent a broken heart...

1) Take control. Prepare yourself for the holiday crush that comes from television, radio, online and in print. Limit your exposure to such things if the seasonal attention becomes too much.

2) Realize that you’re not alone in feeling lonely or unhappy during this time. Many are quietly suffering just like you.

3) Don't hold in your emotional pain. Expressing emotions greatly reduces the body's stress response.

4) Don't put a time limit on your grief for your healing time for this love trauma is uniquely yours.

5) Make sure you tend to your physical needs. Softness, warmth and touch can be healing. Feed your other senses too – music, scents, beauty - don’t forget to taste the world.

6) Don't ignore chronic aches or pains. Check in with your physician to make sure that you’re medically fit.

7) Make sure you eat well, choosing healthy foods to keep you nourished during difficult times.

8) Keep a routine sleep schedule. If you require medication to help you with sleeping, or to regulate moods or for cardiac management, don't feel ashamed. You're going through a significantly stressful time.

10) Get out of bed. Take a shower. Go for a walk. Feel the sun on your face.

11) If you feel fragile, limit your exposure to emotionally driven holiday events. That doesn't mean you should avoid people completely. Decide what social connections will give you support, and which ones may be too taxing.

12) Don't forget your spiritual side. Prayer, even meditation, has been shown to comfort a broken heart.

Remember that a broken heart doesn’t make you unlovable. At this moment in time, you are healing. But remind yourself to be open when love presents itself again.


Source material from Psychological Perspectives

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