7 Benefits To Having Your Teenager Attend Counselling

Posted on February 5, 2016

1) They Experience Independence - Seeing a counsellor is a healthy way for your teen to experience independence as they take ownership of their feelings, experiences and their mental health.

2) It Provides For A Smoother Transition - A counsellor would help your teen navigate through a transition of being a teenager to an adult, empowering them to step into a new stage of life.

3) Your Teen Is Given Space - Personal space and time apart from the family is essential for teenagers and a counsellor will make them feel validated, rather than treating them like a child.

4) Beneficial To Mental Health - Puberty is like a glowing light that attracts every single feeling, emotion, experience and temptation into the teen's life. Your young person needs support in this time.

5) Beneficial To The Family - When a young person attends counselling it will uncover behaviours and beliefs that permeate through the family unit. It is thus absolutely essential for the teen to be supported which will create a happier and stable environment at home.

6) They Are Kept Accountable - Living with a teenager is hardly a win-win situation for them or you. By seeing a counsellor, this provides an alternate avenue to keep them accountable. A counsellor will give them the space to explore why this is happening, and how to move forward.

7) Teen Feels Valued - The need to feel valued, understood and accepted is what your young person is desperate for during this stage of life. A counsellor provides this in their sessions, allowing your teen to explore their place in the world in a safe environment.

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