Should You Be Friends With Your Ex?

Posted on February 3, 2016

In cases of maltreatment, there should be no road ahead for two people who once inhabited a sick, tearing-each-other down type of relationship. If your ex was disrespectful, routinely cheated on you, or took you for granted in other significant ways you must accept that this other individual is not supposed to be in your life—as friend or lover.

Though many relationships end, acknowledging each other on birthdays or holidays is a nice way to stay connected without having to share the day-to-day intimacy. A major challenge for expired relationships is that one person wants to keep it going. For that person, having a friendship actually creates more emotional suffering. To be with someone who wants less closeness than you—especially when you once shared that—is self-destructive.

We should accept that love doesn’t really change, even if two people no longer mesh well romantically. Instead of leaving our past relationships on the curb as if they're trash waiting for a pick-up, we should recycle expired romantic love into friendship whenever possible.

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