5-Step Guide To Taking Life Chances

Posted on February 2, 2016

Here are 5 steps to guide you when you’re facing your next big leap into the unknown:-

1) Set Aside Your Emotions And Look At The Facts - Emotions are a part of our day-to-day life and can be great, but they also could be false. Fear is an emotion and it will play with your mind until you decide to conquer it and move forward.

2) Decide If What You Will Lose by Making that Decision Is Worth It - Not making a decision or continuously postponing it is also a way of making a decision not to take that chance in the first place. It’s a way of saying that what’s on the other end is not important enough for you to alter your course.

3) Imagine Yourself In Both Scenarios - Imagine yourself a few months from now or even a year looking back at your decision — which decision are you proud of? The fact that you took that leap of faith or because you followed through on your original course?

4) Stop Beating Yourself Up - A decision should be empowering — even if it’s scary. It shouldn’t make you feel less happy with yourself or make you feel unworthy.

5) You Could Always Make A New Decision Later On - Take the risk and step into the unknown. Sometimes it will be the right direction and other times, it will be the wrong one. If it’s the right one, keep going. If it’s the wrong one, pick yourself up, go back to your safe place, recover, and make another decision.

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Source material from PsychCentral

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