The Embodiment Of Motherhood

Posted on January 30, 2016

1) The nurturing mother.

As a mother, one is undoubtedly a nurturer to her child. It is about cultivation, fostering support and encouragement into a child’s life. Rear your child to become a nurturing individual to herself and to other people.

2) An educated mother.

Even educated mothers never fail to keep learning and educating themselves. Though well educated, they acquire much more than their degrees; they gained the abilities to read, write, research, analyze, and the capabilities to understand the complexities of motherhood.

3) The serene mother.

You may have been chasing tranquility all of your life or exude anxiousness and nervousness, which is not the best quality to have as a mother. It certainly is a dream for your child to grow up and exude serenity to the people around him/her.

4) The gracious mother.

Have compassion that simply comes from your heart, soul, and how you wants to serve the Lord. Represent yourself exactly how God exemplified himself through faith, love, and hope.

5) A balanced mother.

While still trying to create a sense of balance in your life, it doesn’t mean that you cannot teach your child how to be functional, healthy, and happy. How do you teach someone to be functional? You have to show and implement these actions. How do you teach someone to be happy? Be happy yourself and express gratitude; be grateful for everything you are and have in this life.

6) A creative mother.

Mothers are like artists; we create, shape, and mold ourselves and our lives to become beautiful works of art. Mothers become creative figuratively and literally with all aspects of life from cleaning, cooking, finances, play, and teaching. We pass this knowledge and creativity onto future generations in hopes our children will embody all of these characteristics.

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Source material from PsychCentral

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