Being Materialistic Makes You Unhappy Unless You Have The Right Attitude

Posted on January 30, 2016

Materialistic people are generally less satisfied with their lives, their relationships and their standard of living. Based on a recent study, encouraging an attitude of gratitude could be the answer to greater satisfaction for materialistic people. By being grateful and appreciative of what they have, they can in fact enjoy life more.

For the study 249 people completed a survey, the main results of which were as expected:
“People who pursue happiness through material gain tend to feel worse, and this is related to negative appraisals of their satisfaction with life.”
That said, people who were more grateful for what they had did not see the same drops in life satisfaction as those who were less grateful.

Materialism can kill positive emotions because it encourages people to be selfish. Having said that, individuals who are able to appreciate what they have even while engaging in materialistic pursuits might be able to be maintain high levels of life satisfaction.

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Source material from PsyBlog

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