The Upside Of Difficult Conversations

Posted on January 28, 2016

A common and natural reaction to having these difficult conversations would be to avoid them completely or postpone them until you absolutely have to have them.

"However, No matter how hard a conversation is, I know that on the other side of that difficult conversation lies peace. Knowledge. An answer is delivered. Character is revealed. Truces are formed. Misunderstandings are resolved. Freedom lies across the field of the difficult conversation. And the more difficult the conversation, the greater the freedom." - Shonda Rhimes

As much as we all resent the moment of conflict or confrontation with another person, how much worse are the many moments leading up to it in which we mentally play out worst-case scenarios? How much extra anxiety, stress, and turmoil do we cause ourselves by avoiding the hard stuff? Most of the time, it is never as bad as you would have imagined.

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Source material from Amy Bucher- Psychology For Health And Happiness

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