How to Love Your Partner When They’re the Least Lovable

Posted on January 27, 2016

When your partner is the least lovable in your eyes, that is the exact moment when you need to choose to hang in there and love them rather than turning away from them.

You may even ask.. why? Why must you hang in there with your partner and love them through their least lovable moments? This is because this is what we are supposed to do when we choose someone. We choose to trust that they truly and deeply are committed to us and want us to be happy. When we choose to believe this, despite their slip-ups, their clueless moments and even blatant selfish acts, we can love them and the fact that they are human and will make mistakes.

So.. the question now remains, how can you love your partner when they are least lovable? It starts with you. You have to slow yourself down, take a deep breath to regulate your emotions. Think about all those times your partner showed up for you in surprising ways or they were fully present and where exactly what you needed.

Once you’re able to breathe through your immediate internal reaction, reach down deep (where your patience, love, tenderness, and deep desire to connect with the love of your life exists) and share what you’re feeling and ask for what you need.

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