The Darker Side Of Flakiness

Posted on January 27, 2016

Sometimes when someone feels exhausted from the strain of being over-scheduled or pulled in all directions, he/she could easily cancel plans in the moment using her computer or phone because it simply is convenient and easy to do so.

However, there could be other reasons why people cancel plans. Kira Astrayan, now a relationship coach, explains what it was like to be caught up in the social anxiety frenzy - "As strange as it may sound, I was frequently — and at times still am — a little scared of seeing my friends. Not because my friends are in any way people to be scared of; my friends are amazing. I just knew that if I went, I would be keyed up all night. I would have to constantly soothe my anxious, overstimulated nerves. And sometimes, I just couldn’t bring myself to do the work of having fun."

Furthermore, if you are the friend who is always getting flaked on, you have every right to feel frustrated and to call the behavior rude. But after the frustration passes, ask yourself, “What’s really going on with my friend? Is there something he/she needs help with?" Do not assume that because he/she doesn’t show up, he/she is too busy, too important, or too in demand. Instead, there could be a turmoil of emotions going through their head and may be too scared, too stressed, or too sad.

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Source material from PsychCentral

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