5 Tips for Being Truly Productive On Your Own Terms

Posted on January 26, 2016

1) Define The Deeper Desire - Being productive takes effort, strategy and planning, so it had better be important, meaningful and connected with a bigger why,” said Geisler, who teaches women how to overcome the impostor complex in their life, work and life’s work. Ask yourself the following :- What can I bring to the project?
Who am I? How can I engage in this task as a meaningful expression of myself?

2) Make Tedious Tasks Beautiful - Make tasks you dread beautiful by lighting your favorite candle, smelling your favorite fragrance or even sipping on a calming tea.

3) Get Support - Asking "how can I support you" is in fact code for "I love you".

4) Celebrate Your Accomplishments - More often than not, we get frustrated with ourselves for little mistakes and end up creating a stressful work environment and expect ourselves to be productive. Instead, keep track of your progress (no matter how little or big), celebrate your accomplishment. You deserve a pat on your back!

5) Know Yourself And Trust What Works - Different people measure productivity in different ways and only you know what would work best for you. Take the tips that help you and toss the rest away.

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Source material from PsychCentral

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