How Your Height Affects Who Is Attracted To You And Who You’re Attracted To

Posted on January 21, 2016

Its always been known that people tend to choose partners who are a similar height to themselves. This is despite the well-known preferences women have for taller men.
It turns out that the same genes which control our height also influence who we are attracted to.

“Our genes drive our attraction for partners of similar height to ours, i.e. tall people pair with tall people. We found that 89% of the genetic variation affecting individual preferences for height and one’s own height are shared, indicating that there’s a preference for partners of similar height.” - Dr Albert Tenesa (In-charge of the study)

With new research findings, it shows that people are likely to pick a mate with similar DNA, even after taking genetic similarities into consideration.

Previous studies have shown that one of the strongest factors in choosing a partner is educational level. However, his study found that the effect of similar DNA was about one-third that of education on mating choices.

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