Training The Brain To Ignore Irrelevant Information Can Reduce Negative Emotions

Posted on January 6, 2016

Research shows that non-emotional training can improve the ability to ignore irrelevant information and reduce brain reactions to emotional events. This training could be employed on all age groups from the young to the elderly and even individuals with psychiatric disorders.

In the study conducted, the brains of 26 healthy volunteers were monitored before and after multiple computerized training sessions using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). During the training, participants were required to identify whether a target arrow points to the right or to the left, while ignoring the direction of arrows on either side of it. The researchers conducted a “resting-state fMRI scan” to assess connections between brain regions during no specific task and later during an emotional reactivity task in which they had to ignore negative pictures used to study emotion.

On par with the hypothesis, participants who completed the more intense version of the training, showed reduced activation in their amygdala (a specific brain region involved in negative emotions).

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