6 Habits That Can Fight Depressive Symptoms

Posted on January 6, 2016

1) Change How You See The Future

- The general assumption we hold is that depression causes a pessimistic view of the future. However, a new study has shown that it could be the other way around ie. having a pessimistic view of the future may cause depression. Having negative beliefs about the future and poor evaluation of possible future may cause depression as well.

Re-evaluate the way you think about the future - is there a way to be optimistic about it?

2) Eating A Mediterranean Diet

- A diet including fruits, vegetables and legumes can help prevent depression. Depression could be partially due to a lack of essential nutrients.

3) Socializing Face-To-Face

- Socializing by phone and email does not have the same beneficial effect as regular face-to-face communication.

"Strong social bonds strengthen people’s mental health," said Dr Alan Teo, who led an important study.

4) Identifying With A Group

- Identifying with a group helps to alleviate depression and not just being a member of a social group. It is vital to feel that you belong to the group and to be supported by each other.

5) Giving Up Facebook For A While

- Although the social network is a useful way of connecting with others, it can have psychological dangers.

Facebook often gives us information on others that we are usually not privy to, creating opportunities for social comparison. The impulse to compare cannot be controlled because you never know what others may post.

6) Asking Socratic Questions

- A study has found that "Socratic Questioning" can help depressed people recover. This technique is widely used by therapists to help patients discover new perspectives on themselves and the world.

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Source material from PsyBlog

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