What You Don't Know About The Impression You Make

Posted on January 5, 2016

What influences the impression you make on others? Is it race first? Or gender? Or age? It's quite likely that all of these cues interact rather than being judged separately, making your total impression a combination of all the factors.

Body Language also plays a part in judging one's personality. For example :- You appear nervous if you cross your arms in front of your body, relaxed if you don’t, and self-confident if you’re standing up straight. To make the best impression possible, you ought to control your body language by becoming conscious of your movements and having a direct eye-contact.

What you don't realize about the impression you make on others, is that you are judged by your age, which leads to judgments about your appearance and acceptability, and for women, placing you at a distinct disadvantage.
Aging women in the workplace experience a dilemma: Do you work even harder than you did when you were young to uphold the feminine, youthful ideal VS resisting this stereotype and not allowing yourself to be defined by your appearance as young and attractive?

There’s no reason you should have to disguise the fact that you’ve lived on this planet longer than others. Your true self may be 40, 50, 60, or older, so why should you have to pretend you’re 30? On the other hand, by disguising your age, you won’t be as subject to lookism/ how attractive you are and you can continue to sail on in your current role. So what would you choose?

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Category(s):Career Development and Change, Emotional Intelligence

Source material from Psychology Today