Crowded house as kids fail to launch

Posted on November 16, 2015

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A University of Melbourne literature review, published in the journal Maturitas, shows a worldwide increasing trend of young adults staying at home well into their adulthood. Just as many "boomerang" or return years later, with their emotional baggage – and often their own children – in tow.

So why do some kids fail to launch?

Co-investigator Katherine Burn says children often fail to launch because they want the ongoing security of their home life when their lives change. “Starting university, saving for a house, or getting a new job can encourage people to stay at home longer and of course it’s a beneficial arrangement for them,” Ms Burn says.

As for the boomerangs – it’s those unpleasant, unplanned events like unemployment or divorce that often prompt a return home. They are more likely to be in financial dire straits and sometimes come back with children of their own.

The study concluded that the changing nature of family living situations often led to conflict. Not all is bleak, however. "A lot of the conflict that arises in these situations is avoidable if the roles and expectations of both parties are redefined from the outset," says assocociate professor Szoeke.

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Source material from University of Melbourne