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Posted on July 10, 2015

The Philippine Mental Health Association (PMHA) is advocating that mental health is as important as one's physical health. Everyone should acknowledge this fact and accept that there is nothing wrong with having a mental condition or disorder. There is nothing to be ashamed of. Let's do away with the stigma on mental health.

Here's the state of mental health around the world, according to statistics:

* Around 450 million people are estimated to have some form of mental health disorder
* Around 154 million people suffer from depression
* Around 50 million people have epilepsy
* Around 24 million have Alzheimer or other dementias
* Around 91 million people have alcohol use disorders
* Around 25 million people have schizophrenia
* Around 15 million people have drug use disorders
* Nearly 900,000 people commit suicide every year
* In the Philippines, 1 in 5 people will suffer from mental illness at some time in their life

Lately, we have heard many cases of deaths through suicide or suicide attempts in all ages in the Philippines and even in Bacolod, around Negros Occidental, and in neighboring Panay Island.

It has been noted that 2 out of 3 who commit suicide are depressed when they chose to end their lives. 1 out of 3 may be caused by alcoholism or suffering from another mental disorder like schizophrenia or drug addiction.

Suicide is estimated to be under-reported for multiple reasons including stigma, religious concerns and social attitudes.

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Source material from Sun Star