Smartphone addiction = Lazy thinking

Posted on March 13, 2015

Photo: flickr

Using the search function on your smartphone? Unable to recall your dad’s mobile number? Research has found that smarter individuals use the search function less often than the intuitive thinkers.

What’s the difference? Intuitive thinkers tend to search for information that they do know about or could easily learn, but they are lazy to think about it. Hence, over the years, people are using their smartphones as an extended mind.

With smartphones being integrated into our lives, together with the other technological advancement, it is inevitable that we could cut off the usage of any of these products.

But we could reduce our frequency of usage. We certainly do not hope to weaken our thinking skills.

Nevertheless, we have to understand how these technologies would affect us, before we get fully absorbed and reliant on it.


Source material from PsyBlog