The Seemingly Harmless Word That Can Kill a Friendship

Posted on October 15, 2015

You guessed it. The single-word saboteur is “Busy.” It’s a word that’s stealthily driving your friends away, and it’s time to eliminate it from your social vocabulary.

To be clear, there’s nothing wrong with actually being busy – people can certainly have many obligations and still maintain great relationships. It’s not being busy that drives people away, it’s the word itself.

Here are some ways to maintain your friendships despite your busy schedule.

1. Be Specific

There’s an easy way to eliminate the vagueness of “busy” and that’s by telling your friends specifically what you’re busy doing. Of course, being specific takes a bit more of your time and effort – something that can be challenging when you’re really swamped. But it’s worth doing because the difference in how the message is received is significant.

2. Set a Time Frame

If you’re busy because of an especially difficult crunch time either at work or at home, it’s helpful to make your friends aware of how long this “busy” time will last.

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Source material from Psychology Today