What Drives Your Happiness With Work?

Posted on October 14, 2015

This sentiment that passion and enthusiasm for work is important has become embedded in our culture. But, how do we find work that is meaningful? Recent research found two viewpoints that people tend to have.

One possibility is that love of work is a matter of the fit between work and your personality. On this view, people have to seek opportunities to do things they love to do.

A second possibility is that you can come to love almost any kind of work, but you have to develop that passion over time.

Those people who felt that the fit between work and personality is important, there was a strong relationship between the fit of their job and their passion. If the job did not fit them, they were not passionate about it.

Those who felt that their passion for their work could develop, though, were still somewhat passionate about work even when it did not fit them well at that moment.

Either path can lead to satisfaction and success.

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Source material from Psychology Today