How to Have a Happier Relationship without Couples Therapy

Posted on October 9, 2015

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Happiness in a relationship can be approached using five skills. Improvement in these skills is noticeable and measurable; progress can generate increased satisfaction quickly. Framing and sharing these skills to improve the quality of your relationship can enhance bonding.

1. Listening — Really, Truly Listening

True listening is a gift that nourishes and heals the other person. It’s not easy and it requires ignoring all the other distractions, which include our own feelings, thoughts and judgments.

2. Expressing Gratitude Towards Each Other

Expressing and accepting gratitude is a natural tool for improving relationships, and not just your most intimate relationship. It can be very uplifting and can help to nurture your relationship.

3. Showing a Lot of Affection

Affection will make the other one person feel good, loved and cared for. This does involve effort because you, when you are in a relationship, should care enough to do it well.

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Source material from Psych Central