The Psychology of Procrastination - How To Stop Procrastinating

Posted on October 8, 2015

The decision to work on something is driven by how much we value accomplishing the project in that moment – what psychologists call its subjective value. And procrastination, in psychological terms, is what happens when the value of doing something else outweighs the value of working now.

New research supports the idea that mental effort is intrinsically costly; for this reason, people generally choose to work on an easier task rather than a harder task.

One way to defeat procrastination is to find a way to boost the subjective value of working now, relative to the value of other things. You could increase the value of the project, decrease the value of the distraction, or some combination of the two.

Another powerful solution is to connect the project to your self-concept. It is possible that projects seen as important to a person’s self-concept will hold more subjective value for that person.

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