Psychology of Fear: Why do we love watching horror movies?

Posted on September 25, 2015

Here are some possible theories and studies to explain why do these movies fascinate us:

1. Catharsis: Watching scary plays gives people a chance to purge their negative emotions and to release the pent up feelings of aggression.

2. Psychoanalytic theory by Freud and Jung: Horror is a manifestation of the “uncanny,” reoccurring thoughts and feelings that have been repressed by the ego. Horror also touches on important archetypes or primordial images that resides in the collective unconscious.

3. Excitation transfer process: After the film is over, physiological arousal lingers. That means that any positive emotions you experience are intensified. Instead of focusing on the fright you felt during the film, you recall having a great time.

4. Sensation-seeking: People who seek higher levels of arousal thoroughly enjoy the response -heightened feelings of awareness when their bodies go through intense experiences.

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Source material from Zee news