Mindful Parenting for ADHD

Posted on September 19, 2015

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ADHD often creates unproductive patterns in parents' lives. When parents become overly stressed or overwhelmed, that affects their children. And because ADHD itself increases family stress, it makes it harder for you to manage your child's ADHD, which then amplifies stress further. Incorporating mindfulness into your life can break this draining cycle.

Challenging as it is, we are all capable of being mindful, such as staying fully aware of something unpleasant and pausing before responding. Your impulsive child is going to be impulsive today, even while you work on a longer-term plan for change. Avoiding the reality that you'd like something to be different without being proactive about it won't change anything.

The practice of mindfulness provides tools for cultivating focus, resilience, and well-being--both yours and your child's. They take advantage of the brain's innate capacity to rewire itself, an ability we all maintain at any age.

According to developmental pediatrician Mark Bertin, regardless of cultural background or family dynamic, parents learning mindfulness report concrete changes that make their child's ADHD far easier to overcome.

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