New video game to help ADHD patients

Posted on September 18, 2015

"Neuro+ is an attention training system for kids and adults with ADHD and other attention issues. It's basically a brain-controlled video game that helps kids and adults learn and develop attention skills and the ability to pay attention," explained Neuro+ creator Jake Stauch.

Since working on maintaining focus and sitting still are issues that are often problematic for both children and adults with ADHD, the user has to focus directly on a task in the game to play this video game.

"The child sits and they wear an EEG headset. So, it's a really easy-to-use system that kind of sits on their head," Stauch explained. "... They're going to sit in front of a computer screen and play a video game that's going to require them to focus and sit still ... they have to pay attention to the screen and we know when they're paying attention to the screen because of the systems in place."

By requiring them to focus and sit still, users are taught to develop those skills.

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Source material from ABC11