How Do Men Experience Eating Disorders?

Posted on September 17, 2015

The behaviors that males with eating disorders engage in may not always resemble the typical pattern of efforts to slim down as observed in women’s disordered eating behavior.

Instead of wrecking havoc on their emotional and physical wellbeing by striving for increasingly tinier frames, many men may damage their bodies and minds via the pursuit of lean muscularity.

Instead of binging, purging, or starving themselves, these men may also resort to consuming excessive amounts of supplements and spending far more time than is optimal for their mental and emotional wellbeing attempting to bulk up or increase muscular definition by burning calories at the gym.

A recent study by Richard Achiro, Ph.D. found that body dissatisfaction, low self-esteem, and conflicts surrounding one’s gender role and identity are mostly to blame.

In his private practice, Achiro hopes to upend this damaging masculine stereotype, and enable men to gain further insight into what their behaviors represent and what their body means to them.

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Source material from Psychology Today