How to remove unwanted thoughts?

Posted on August 19, 2015

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Simply follow these instructions and analyse yourself, your body and thoughts as you do this.

Take a large breath, right now.
Just inhale and hold it,
as you do that, are you relaxing?
How relaxed would it feel if you
make another large breath?
Try to relax a bit more as you breath out.
Now, I want you to remember
those unwanted thoughts
that you would want to avoid in the future.
Think about them now.
Force them on yourself and think about it.
Watch your unwanted thoughts you want to remove
as in some movie.
Are there any images, where were you when it happened?
Is there any sound?
Just force your brain to hear it.
Are there any faces?
Just force your brain to look at them.
Now take another breath and Force yourself to re-watch it.
Stop reading and watch
it again exactly the same scenario
with same images, sounds, faces.
After you are done,
and it is important you really do rewatch it twice.
Believe it will work.
And Force yourself to watch it a third time.
Get a bit annoyed by watching it the third time.
Take your time and watch it the third time,
do not change anything.
Your brain will now become very bored with watching this image.
Your brain is like a little child,
it does not enjoy being
forced to do homework,
to watch what you are forcing it to watch.
Now, after you read this, close your eyes
and imagine a dirty window, a wooden white frame
and the same visual scenario on the glass.
Imagine what the same memory for the forth time
on the dirty window, the same visuals, sounds,
faces. Its like watching a movie on a window.
Now imagine yourself taking a white towel.
Look at the Towel, its clean. Put it on the window,
right over the dirty image of this memory.
Wipe it clean. Rub it off, see that there is
nothing behind it. Its just a clear white sky.

If you are a charming reader and actully follow what you just read once or twice. Your brain will now grow bored of the images you forced on it. No human brain likes to be forced to do anything, it likes to be lazy, distracted by random thoughts it gives you. it likes to tease you. The brain will get “scared” and “bored” and it will never again come back to those thoughts.

To make sure this works, use this day to completely remove unwanted thoughts from your head. Whenever you are thinking on something other then your unwanted thoughts. Force yourself to think on those thoughts. Force and wipe them off as explained above.


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