How to really rid yourself from the clutches of a bad mood

Posted on August 5, 2015

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There's nothing random about the onset and fading away of bad moods. Our mood changes when we encounter new information from the environment and how this information is interpreted by the mind results in our mood. If the info is interpreted positively, it results in good mood and if it's interpreted negatively it results in bad mood.

Bad moods ALWAYS occur for a reason/s. Like every other phenomenon of nature, there are some rules that enable their occurrence. And when you know how something is enabled you automatically acquire the knowledge of how to disable it. Just like water boils when you heat it to 100 degree Celsius and freezes to ice at 0 degree Celsius, bad moods only visit you when the conditions of them visiting you have been satisfied.

A bad mood is nothing but a warning signal from your mind. Your mind uses a bad mood to tell you something like:

Something’s wrong buddy! We've got to fix it.

The problem is, your mind doesn't tell what this 'something' is. That's your job to figure out. However, the info you were exposed to in your recent past can provide you with important clues. This ‘something’ may be any negative event that may have occurred to you. It may be some loss you might’ve encountered in your business or it may be a break-up with your lover.

Any event under the sun that you interpret negatively can result in a bad mood. Whether that negative event or situation is corrigible or not is another matter. Your mind wants you to fix what can be fixed and accept what can’t be changed. When you do that or plan to do that, only then your bad mood will subside.

When you’re having a bad mood, try not to escape it. I know that’s easier said than done but it'll help you greatly in figuring out the underlying cause of your bad mood. As I mentioned before, people distract themselves from their bad mood by indulging in something pleasurable or they wait for the bad mood to pass.

Things don’t get better because time heals everything. They get better because you are exposed to new information continually which enables you to bury your unresolved problems into your unconscious. But they remain there and don't go away. They keep waiting for the next trigger to resurface in your consciousness and pester you again and again, until you finally make serious effort to get rid of them.

So, the proper way to handle bad moods is to deal with them as soon as they arise because your mind is bothered about something and needs reassurance. If you ignore your bad moods, they'll all get buried in your unconscious and one day they'll resurface so aggressively that you might not be able to handle the hot lava from the exploding Vesuvius.

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