Why the 'I'll start from tomorrow' plan is most likely a trap

Posted on July 24, 2015

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Behind every human action or decision or promise there is some kind of a reward. So what are the payoffs that we get by delaying important actions and promising ourselves that we’ll do them at an ideal time in the future?

In nature we see perfect beginnings and endings everywhere. Everything seems to have a start and an end. Living beings are born, grow old and then die in that very order every time. Many natural processes are cyclic. Each point of time on a cycle can be considered a beginning or an end. Sun rises, sets and then rises again. Trees shed their leaves in winter, blossom in summer and then go naked again in the winter. You get the idea.

This perfect pattern of almost all the natural processes has led us to believe, at very deep level, that if we begin something perfectly, it will run its course perfectly and will also end perfectly. It does seem to happen in natural processes but when it comes to human activities, nothing can be further from the truth.

What really goes on in your mind when you delay actions and promise yourself to do them in the future. It has a lot to do, like almost all other human behaviours, with psychological stability.

“I’ll start from tomorrow and three days should be sufficient for preparation.”

What a lie! You have no idea if three days are sufficient or not. That’s why you use “should” and not “will”. But your mind is now satisfied. You’ve managed to convince it. You’ve managed to quieten it. “You have my permission son, enjoy!” it says to you. And when your mind doesn’t bother you, you become psychologically stable.

That’s what this whole thing was all about- regaining psychological stability.

The purpose of this post was to show you what mind games we play to convince ourselves that we are doing the right thing, even when we know deep down that it is not the right thing to do.

When we become aware of what we're really doing, we are bound to change our behaviour. You can't change that which you're not conscious of.

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Source material from http://www.psychmechanics.com/