10 Ways To Increase Productivity And How To Achieve Goals In Life

Posted on June 8, 2015

Many of us are familiar with procrastination. Increasing your productivity and reducing the tendency to procrastinate could help you achieve more of your goals! Here are 10 ways to increase productivity and how to achieve your goals.

1. Honour Your Core Values

When you honour your core values, you honour your true self. When you live by a clear set of values, it is easier to align your life with your goals.

2. Take Full Advantage Of Your Zone-Find Your Peak Time

Your body has an energy cycle and there are times when you are more productive. For many people, it means you should rise early and start working early. Many performers say that early morning is their most productive time. Just find what works best for you!

3. Discover and Use Your Talents

You will accomplish much more if you are doing something you are talented in. Instead of fixing your weaknesses, find your personal strengths and focus most of your effort there.

4. Use Your Strengths To Your Advantage

If you’ve got great people skills, then it means you should be taking the time to engage as many folks as you can in conversation. Whatever your best talents are, use them as often as possible. It’s always good to stretch yourself, but there’s no reason not to use your natural strengths to your advantage.

5. Productivity Soul Mate(s)

You can accomplish much more if you have the right partners by your side. To discover partners, don’t just find people who are like you… find people who will complement you.

6. Relax! Clear Your Mind

Keeping your mind clear of stuff is important, but there could still be noise in your mind. The noise could be guilt, fear, distracting thoughts, or the party animal that exists in your mind. Get rid of them. The voice in your head is your strongest enemy.

7. Meditate To Levitate

Increase your willpower, focus, and concentration.

8. Replace Negative Self-Talk With Positive Self-Talk

Your attitude towards your goal is determined by how you talk to yourself regarding the task. Learn to love what you do. Whenever you recognize negative self-talk in your mind, tell it to shut up!

9. Jot It Down

You should not use your mind to memorize ideas or things to do. Get them out of your mind by writing them in an external system such as a post-it, or loose leaf.

10. An Abundance Of Opportunities

Instead of dwelling on the problems and obstacles you are facing, think about the possibilities and opportunities presented by this task or project. You are more likely to want to do something if you are aware of the benefits and rewards that come with actually getting it done.

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