Can weight loss surgery helps to boost relationship?

Posted on June 6, 2015

Weight loss surgery could possibly improve the health of obese patients, it could also result in greater intimacy between their partners. Perhaps, adding a spark to their sex life.

Pories from East Carolina University in the US studies couples where one of the partners underwent weight loss surgery. Bariatric surgery is the most effective way to counter morbid obesity. It helps to reduce other health-related conditions. This study stands out as it studies the impact of the surgery on relationships.

The research interviewed couples about the effects and impacts of the weight loss surgery that their partners had undergone. All of the patients think that the surgery is a team effort.

Care and support has to be given to their partners, which helped the patients to care for themselves as well. Assistance is also needed for them to stay on track with their new routine.

The research also studies patients without active support system management of the effects of the operation.
More importantly, couples indicate that they would need to adjust and adapt to the new lifestyle together. They also had more energy.
Emotionally, they get better and more positive moods, thus higher self-esteem. This increases their intimacy and affection level, allowing them to resolve conflicts. Improved sexual relationships, well, make everything more enjoyable.

Source material from (e) Science News