5 Ways an Extrovert Can Thrive

Posted on June 4, 2015

Extroverts are often exuberant and outgoing, and when this is not managed it can leave other people (especially introverts) feeling drained off all their energy. That being said, extroverts are the life of the party and the welcoming arm to the new person who just walked through the door. When an extrovert is healthy, they are some of the truest and most honest friends. Unlike the introvert, their unhealthy tendencies can be harder to spot. Struggles and overwhelming emotion will be covered by exuberance, and unlike the introvert who will get lost in thought, an extrovert will become consumed in the rollercoaster of behaviour and noise, leading to burn out.

As an extrovert it’s essential you take care of yourself. Here are 5 tips that will help you thrive.

1) Have boundaries

When you’re the life of the party, people often assume that you’ll always be available and willing to help out. True as that may be, it’s essential you know when to say “no.” While an extrovert gets their energy from being with people, they can still become exhausted, so prioritise the activities most important to you.

2) Practice self awareness

Extroverts can leave a bad taste in the mouth of others when they lack self awareness. In this, they will over step the boundaries of conversation, volume, physical interaction and tone of voice. You don’t have to change your natural demeanour, but to cultivate healthy relationships you do need to practice a respect and awareness for the people around you.

3) Have life giving relationships

As an extrovert, you have the tendency to give until there’s no energy left in the tank. In order to gain energy from other people, you need to make sure your relationships are life giving. Spend quality time with people who you can relax with, who understand you and who leave you feeling empowered.

4) Make time to switch off

While ‘quiet time’ can be pegged as an introverted activity, it is still essential for the wellbeing of an extrovert. Sit, write down your thoughts and make sense of what is going on around you, go for a jog or watch a movie. Don’t be afraid of the quiet, embrace it.

5) Love yourself

An extrovert will often find their self-worth in the praise of others. People’s responses to you, their willingness to invite you to social events and even the level of attention they give you can all play a role in your self-esteem. Remember that while you crave time with people, they don’t dictate your self-worth.

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