How To Pull Yourself Out Of A Career Rut

Posted on May 22, 2015

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Sometimes an event in your personal life can derail positive momentum in your professional career. These disruptions have a tendency to propel you into a state of unrest and uncertainty, where the decisions you make in the moment might not be the best in the long term.

At points in your career, your next milestone may feel out of reach. Whether you work for a public accounting firm and you have to wait three years before you're eligible for a promotion, or if you are at a startup where the infrastructure for career growth doesn't exist, it's important to visualize milestones in a way that makes them more attainable. Science suggests that by manipulating time, you’re actually more likely to change your behavior to reach those goals.

An April 2015 study published in Psychological Science, found that measuring time in days instead of months, or months instead of years, makes future events seem closer. The study's authors concluded people work harder toward reaching their goals when their perception of time has been altered.

We’re all afraid of seeming weak - in both character and ability. The more we feel that we have to rely on others, the less confidence we have in our work. Asking for help also leads to some interesting benefits. A February 2015 experiment conducted in partnership between Harvard and Wharton business schools found that asking for help boosts perceptions of intelligence among those looking for guidance.

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