What we do not remember?

Posted on May 16, 2015

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There are lots of article on human memory, however we do not remember certain memories or events. It is puzzling and interesting on why we forget things as well.
Having an accident when you were young before 3, you might recall that, but not the pain or the exact situation at that point of time. It is common for children before the age 3 to hae flashubulb. Snapshot-like memories.
Or as an adult, why do others remember your idea, but forgotten that it was you that came up with that idea?
This is a common phenomenon in the workplace. Our semantic memory remembers facts while our autobiographical memory remembers who the person is or rather who came up with the idea. However, the issue is people tend to retain ideas with their semantic memory but tend to forget the source.
You can’t possibly deliberate forget things. Childhood humiliations, embarrassing situations tends to stick around. And without painful memories, we might end up in the same painful situations over and over again.
The idea of forgetting to dream, which is to sleep walk, sounds plausible. However, sleepwalking occurs during “deep sleep” and not “rem-sleep’. Most of the dreams that we remember comes from rem-sleep. During deep sleep, we dream less, or we hardly recollect any dreams. Thus, sleepwalkers tend not to remember or are not conscious of what had occurred.

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Source material from Scientific American