Does having more sex make you less happy?

Posted on May 13, 2015

In 2013, a study published in Social Indicators Research found that people reported steadily higher levels of happiness with increasing sexual frequency. And people who believed they were having less sex than their peers reported being less happy than those who believed they were having as much or more sex than their peers.

That study found that people who had sex once a week were 44% more likely to report a higher level of happiness compared with peers who had no sex in the previous year, and people who had sex up to three times a week were 55% more likely to report higher levels of happiness.

While the team behind the 2013 study used national survey data and statistical analyses to arrive at its conclusions, the Carnegie Mellon (CMU) researchers behind the new study recruited 128 healthy, married individuals between the ages of 35 and 65 who were in male-female couples in an attempt to investigate how sexual frequency affects happiness.

The CMU team found that the couples instructed to have more sex reported a small decrease in happiness, lower sexual desire and decreased enjoyment from sex.

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Source material from Medical News Today