Nomophobia - Panicking with Unavailability of Mobile Phones

Posted on May 9, 2015

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Frustrated and anxious when your phone is out of battery or you can’t seem to find your phone anywhere. This is known as nomophobia, in other words “no mobile phone phobia”.

Two researchers came up with a 20-item nomophobia questionnaire. They interviewed and had a discussion with students that are heavily dependent on their smartphone. They found that there are key four themes which helps to create their questionnaire.

The first theme was the fear of being unable to communicate. Feeling a sense of overwhelming anxiety due to over-usage of their phone bills. They will not be able to receive text messages and calls.

Second theme was losing connectedness. It is the need to constantly update and be on their social media, checking their notifications, refreshing email or Instagram feed or so on.
Third theme was not being able to access information on the go. Wanting to know an answer of a question immediately, having too google on the spot. Being unable to get hold of news makes one nervous.

The loss of the convenience of a smartphone could be a great fear, thus the portable chargers, and always checking if they have sufficient battery. They fear of being stranded, because they are not able to use their smartphone to navigate or communicate.

Nomophobia is seen as a form of situational phobia which is an intense fear triggered in specific circumstances, which in this case is the unavailability of mobile phones. However, in situations where that may happen may be rare.

Category(s):Anxiety, Panic issues, Social Anxiety / Phobia

Source material from British Psychological Society