Delayed Feedback and Learning

Posted on April 27, 2015

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It usually seems that instant answers aids in learning. However, a new study finds that delayed feedback can enhance learning. How does this work?

The study learnt that delayed feedback grows a sense of curiosity within individuals that enhance their learning. Test takers are more likely to retain the correct answer if they receive it several seconds after providing their answers rather than immediately.

The researchers suggest that delayed feedback motivate learners to anticipate the answer, which may increase their level of attention to it when they receive it. When feedback was presented at unpredictable intervals, which is in line with previous studies showing that attention is enhanced when an upcoming event's timing is uncertain, the effect was strongest .

So if you are studying with a buddy, ask that person to give you the answers after an unpredictable delay of a few seconds. If you are working alone, take a guess first, before looking up for answers in Google immediately.

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Source material from Scientific American