Your Voice Is The Secret To Getting Hired

Posted on April 14, 2015

A new study by University of Chicago Booth School of Business researchers, to be published by the Journal of Psychological Science, found that job candidates were more likely to be hired if they make their pitch using their voice rather than text.

The Booth School researchers, Professor Nicholas Epley and Ph.D. candidate Juliana Schroeder, asked recruiters and hypothetical employers to rate candidates on their qualifications. The candidates, for their part, made their case in both spoken form and written form. Those recruiters who heard a candidate's spoken pitch rated the candidate as smarter and more thoughtful and competent than those who read only the candidate's written pitch - even though the actual words were the same in each case.

Why can the human voice have such power in hiring decisions? "In addition to communicating the contents of one's mind, like specific thoughts and beliefs, a person's speech conveys their fundamental capacity to think–the capacity for reasoning, thoughtfulness and intellect," Epley said. "When conveying intelligence, it's important for one's voice to be heard–literally."

But what if you hate the sound of your voice? What if you think it's too deep, too nasal, too soft, too harsh, too hoarse? Don't silence it. Some experts believe that it's better to accept and embrace it - and then develop it - rather than to hide it under a bushel of written words.

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