Memory: The Weirdest Ever Fact is Actually True, Study Reveals

Posted on April 6, 2015

Photo: flickr

A new study reassures that recalling one memory actually leads to the forgetting of other competing memories

It is one of the most interesting facts about memory, now isolated by neuroscience research. Although many scientists believed the brain must work this way, this is the first time it has been demonstrated.

The study monitored people’s brain activity while they tried to recall images they had been shown earlier. By measuring activity in tiny sections of the brain, the neuroscientists were able to track individual memories. They found that as one memory was recalled, others were suppressed.

Each subsequent time a target memory was recalled, it became stronger, while the others became weaker.

Their findings demonstrate a cortical pattern suppression mechanism through which remembering adaptively shapes which aspects of our past remain accessible.

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Source material from Nature Neuroscience

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