Grandparenting to improve cognitive

Posted on April 4, 2015

Photo: flickr

What else can you do to keep your mind sharp? “Grandparenting”

An Australian study found that grandmothers who helped to take care of their grandchildren once a week performs better at cognitive tests than those who do it more often, or not at all.

The key reason is “socialisation”, active social engagement is important for maximising chances of better brain function. 224 women between the age of 65 to 75 were studied.

The researchers found that those who cared for their grandchildren once a week performs better, as written above.
However, the cause and effect of grandparenting and better mental function is not proved yet, even though there is a correlation. But the studies might not apply to the United States where the pace is faster, as compared to the calmer and more tranquil living in Melbourne.

The purpose of the study, is to go down the path of treating patients without the use of medication.

Source material from Scientific American