Working on a Treadmill Boosts Memory and Concentration

Posted on March 27, 2015

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Imagine gaining health benefits while working? Neuroscientists in Canada said that the advantage of having a treadmill desk is indisputable.

In a study, there was evidence found that walking on the treadmill could inspire math problem solving. Another found that that there were no adverse effects on mental function, and another said it boost creativity.

It was reported by the neuroscientists that working at a treadmill desk leads to subsequent memory and attention benefits. The researchers came to this conclusion after getting participants to spend 40 minutes reading texts and emails on the computer while walking at 2.25km/h which is judged to be an optimal walking speed, at the treadmill desk. The participants were tested on their memory of the text and email content 10 minutes later at a normal desk.

The control group did not use the treadmill, they read at the desk. The results showed that the treadmill group has better memory performance of 34.9% as compared to the control group. Reason being the treadmill group feel that they are able to concentrate better during the reading task. Their surface brain activity which was measured by EEG showed signs of superior mental functioning as well.

However, critics might say that it is a hawthorne effect. That the novely idea brought about greater beneficial effects, which might not be the case in the long run.

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Source material from British Psychology Society

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