Emotions Affecting Outcome

Posted on March 21, 2015

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Does telling someone that the test is really hard affect their response to situation?
A deliberate suggestion can influence how well people remember things, how they respond to medical treatments, and even how well they will perform and behave, according to research by psychological scientists Maryanne Garry, Robert Michael and Irving Kirsch.

This is due to “response expectancies”, which mean we anticipate our response to a situation, this will also in turn affect our actual response. Thus, if we expect something bad to happen, our behaviour, thoughts and feelings will contribute to making that expectation happen.

The mere idea of suggestion, could help to us accomplish our goals, or it might be our greatest limitation, to hinder our success. We could use the positive power of suggestion to help us.
1. Tune in to the moment
Give awareness to your surroundings, the message that you are sending or receiving from others. Be proactive and curious about it.
2. Have a support network
Stay close to people who believe in you . Positive influence could begets positive suggestion. Connect with people that brings good energy, which will help to create positive outcomes in your life.
3. Have a flexible mindset
Do not limit yourself with a fixed mindset, be open to change. We should not see failure as a deep abyss, but an opportunity for improvement. This will help us to learn and grow.
4. The power of suggestion is always working.
Our expectations could always results in the situation that eventually happen. Because our expectations could change our behaviour unconsciously. Hence, we should not expect anything less than the best.

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Source material from Psychology Today